ADA Compliance

Making it safe

ADA Accessability is a big deal. You want to provide access to all patrons and visitors, there has been an increase of accessability
lawsuits in Southern California recently for non-compliance of the
federal law pertaining to the American’s with Disabilities Act (“ADA”).
This greatly effects all types of business and commercial property owners in California.

With no Warning you can be sued

Under the ADA, business and commercial properties open to the public are required to allow people with disabilities access to all portions of the business which are open to the general public. Access must include, among other things, properly designated parking, with no steps or curbs blocking an entrance. Bathrooms and aisles must be able to accommodate customers with wheelchairs and counters with a specific height. The law allows a disabled person who has been denied access to any business or commercial property because of violations, to file a lawsuit without complaining to anyone prior to filing that lawsuit.

There is no "grandfathered" law that states the age of your building is exempt from being ADA Compliant. As a matter of fact, there are people out there who are making their living from the money won in lawsuits over non-ADA Compliance. These people know the codes and the law. Fortunatley for our customers, so do we.

Blackbird Contracting Services, Inc. will act as your ADA Compliance specialists and will help get you up to speed (and code) so that you can provide access to all while keeping the lawsuits at bay.

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Blackbird Contracting Services, Inc. takes all the necessary precautions and steps to remain environmentally friendly. From recycling materials to disposal to helping you find the tax breaks associated with being green, we cannot live and work in the great state of California without doing our part!

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